2020 International Partner Webinar Program

Based on valuable feedback from the 2019 Partner Survey, we have created a 2020 webinar program which takes products & topics highlighted as growth opportunities and areas requiring a deeper understanding.

The ‘Get Smart’ webinars will focus on the features and benefits of the products from a technical perspective. We will dive deeper into the reports, questionnaires, group analytics and other applicable areas to better equip partners with a sound understanding of the tools and their applications for when speaking to clients and prospects.

The ‘Positioning’ webinars will put a spotlight on the marketing messages, how they differentiate from competitors, client case studies and available marketing materials to better help you take the tools to market.

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Get Smart on Leadership Impact & Leadership Risk - Thursday 13th February

Positioning Leadership Impact & Leadership Risk - Thursday 20th February

Get Smart on the Sales Portfolio - Tuesday 7th April

Positioning the Sales Portfolio -Tuesday 21st April

Get Smart on Wave Performance 360 - Tuesday 9th June

Positioning Wave Performance 360 - Tuesday 16th June

Get Smart on Group Development with Work Roles- Tuesday 14th July

Positioning Work Roles in the Market -Tuesday 11th August

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