Trial our New Assessments - Gain Valuable Insight & Access to Exclusive Discounts

At Saville Assessment we are always trying to push things forward and improve the assessment experience for both recruiters and candidates.

As part of our exciting new product development, we are offering select organizations the opportunity to trial our new portfolio of screening solutions.

How does it work?

Identify a group of employees who can spend approximately 1 hour completing a series of online tests on their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Upon completion, employees will have access to Saville Assessment’s Coaching Report enabling you to virtually support employees' continuous professional development (CPD). Likewise, you will receive group analytics and validation data to help drive organizational success.

What do you get in return?

Exclusive access to a suite of mobile-first screening tools without any long-term commitment or financial investment.

Valuable insights into the strengths of your own workforce, self-development outputs for all individuals involved and validation data to help identify the key drivers of performance and potential in your organization.

Exclusive discounts will be available should you wish to extend your assessment usage beyond the trial, enabling you to save money on future screening solutions. Details available upon request.

Which solutions are available?

Swift Global

Swift Global is a measure of fluid reasoning, assessing 3 aptitude areas: recall, quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning. The assessment can be applied globally due to its low language component.

Swift Global Example

Situations – Retail, Customer & Logistics

Our Situations assessments present realistic sector-specific situations to assess candidates' judgment of different potential actions. Available for Retail, Customer/Call Centre and Logistics.

Retail Situations Example

Swift Comprehension Verbal and Numerical

Swift Comprehension Verbal and Numerical is an aptitude test measuring verbal and numerical comprehension in just 12 minutes.

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