Performance 360 Distance Learning

Online Course

This dynamic course can be completed online in just 2.5 hours and qualifies you to use our Performance 360 tool to facilitate powerful performance feedback and development activity.

Powered by the Wave Performance Culture Framework, Performance 360 comprehensively assesses the way an individual demonstrates the characteristics required for success by acquiring ratings from those who work with them.

Our groundbreaking dual reporting feature goes beyond the rater categories and enables results to be benchmarked against a comparison group to provide a wider view of success.

Course Overview

This online accreditation course can be completed at your own convenience and also includes a 45-minute feedback session with one of our experienced consultants, who will help you to develop the skills to interpret and feedback results in an impactful way.

Key Learning Objectives

You will acquire:

  • Best-practice knowledge of using our Performance 360 tool to explore performance and potential to drive personal development, coaching and leadership effectiveness
  • The skills to administer the 360 process and interpret the results
  • How to effectively structure and deliver impactful feedback sessions
  • An understanding of the situations when implementing a 360 would be suitable and the ability to demonstrate the business value of them
  • The skills to combine Performance 360 with the unique level of insight offered by the various Wave reports
  • The know-how to assess whether an individual demonstrates the characteristics required for success

"We are using the Wave Performance 360 with senior academic and management colleagues who are getting real benefit from the process. The unique design of this tool makes it quick and easy for raters to use."

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Once accredited you get access to two tools - Wave Performance 360 and the Leadership Impact Expert 360 - allowing you to accurately assess the performance, attitude and potential of individuals at different levels within your organization.

Please note - to be eligible to complete this course you must be qualified to use our Wave Personality Questionnaires.

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