A New Era of Assessment - Saville Consulting Rebrands

Saville Consulting Re-brand Saville Assessment

A New Era of Assessment - Saville Consulting Rebrands

From 9th January 2017, Saville Consulting will adopt Saville Assessment as its brand name, reflecting its commitment to transform global talent assessment, as part of Willis Towers Watson.

Gabby Parry, CEO Saville Assessment and Global Lead for the Willis Towers Watson Assessment Practice says, ‘Our new brand name is a clear indicator of our continued dedication and investment in talent assessment. We are taking this opportunity to strengthen our portfolio with new leading-edge product developments which will help clients to Hire, Build and Lead their talent. Our mission remains to transform talent assessment around the world, putting our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Effective as of 9th January 2017 the new brand identity will feature across all communication and materials.

The website address will be updated to www.savilleassessment.com

All emails will be updated to firstname.lastname@savilleassessment.com

The new branding also marks the arrival of many exciting developments for 2017.

Saville Assessment Logo

New Portfolio Enhancements

New 2017 Wave Focus and Wave Professional Styles norms are being launched. They feature brand new regional norms and updated country norms. The enhanced Work Roles report, available now, contains extra information on how an individual’s workplace preferences can leverage better working relationships across the wider organisation as well as in their immediate team. The refreshed report reflects more modern and agile approaches to work.

Saville Assessment psychometric accreditation course content has been updated, featuring new online pre-course work modules. The 2017 refreshed content was recently verified by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and noted for its ‘impressive standards, accessibility of materials and commitment to good practice in all outputs’.

New Product Developments

There are four new Wave reports launching in 2017.

Onboarding Report (available 23rd January)

46% of new hires leave within the first 18 months of employment with the highest rate being at the intermediate level (38%). Our new Onboarding report accelerates time to productivity of new hires facilitating two-way planning and communication between the employee and organisation. The only onboarding tool applicable for all work levels and available without restriction, it has the potential to impact positively on the ROI for all new hires.

Leadership Impact Report (available 23rd January)

This innovative new report is the first Leadership report to bridge the gap between behaviours and leadership outcomes. The report links to behaviours under three key impact areas of leadership:

  • Professional Leadership
  • People Leadership
  • Pioneering Leadership

Organisations can identify where leaders are most likely to achieve your required outcomes and create the most impact.

Leadership Impact 360 Report

This new 360 can be used on its own or used powerfully in conjunction with the leadership Impact Report. It displays ratings of relevant stakeholders on a leader’s performance across nine critical leadership impact areas. Extremely powerful for leadership development and coaching.

Leadership Risk Report

Attitude towards risk is a key part of any leadership role and even more pertinent in certain roles and industries. Identify how your potential leaders are likely to approach risk across nine critical aspects of leadership.

New Proposition

All our assessments are now classified under three categories with a clear application focus:

  • Hire Talent
  • Build Talent
  • Lead Talent

Clients can easily find and select the most appropriate solution for them to achieve exceptional results. Watch the short clip below to see how Saville Assessment can transform your approach to talent assessment:

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