A New Wave of Working

As a Wave-trained user, you have a toolkit of resources for yourself, your organization and its people to be effective in the new world of work.

Join us for a series of virtual learning and networking workshops to support you with some of the current challenges you may be facing.

Simply select the sessions you would like to join and complete the registration form below to confirm your place.

19th October 2pm - 2.45pm

Understand the power of using the Building Resilient Agility Report together with the Expert Report. Discover how to use this solution to help individuals and groups be more effective during change and transformation, and identify the links to overall workplace potential.

26th October 2pm - 2.45pm

The International Coaching Federation Consumer Awareness Study identified the positive impacts of coaching on productivity, work performance and wellbeing. Get a practical look at how the Expert Coaching Report can be used to achieve these benefits and focus on the behaviors that matter most in the workplace.

2nd November 2pm - 2.45pm

The role of leaders has never been under more pressure or been so important. Dive deeper into the Leadership Risk Report to understand how it can drive meaningful leadership development and mitigate potential risks to career, reputation and organizational culture, strategy and wellbeing.

9th November 2pm - 2.45pm

56% of employees are now working in a hybrid model, up from only 9% three years ago. Get a practical insight into using the Work Roles toolkit of reports, team analytics and workshop materials to help your people collaborate and work effectively across boundaries.

16th November 2pm - 2.45pm

Organizations with a superior employee experience are more successful than their peers. Foundational to achieving this is the assessment and development of excellent leaders. Learn how to use the extremely powerful combination of Leadership Impact and Leadership Impact 360 to go beyond competencies and strengths and deliver organizational impact.

23rd November 2pm - 2.45pm

Best-practice talent interventions need the buy-in of key stakeholders in order to be delivered effectively. In this workshop, we will explore how to engage your key stakeholders with Wave by looking at how it compares with other tools on the market and how to articulate its scientific validity and power to highlight the benefits to an organization in a practical way.

30th November 2pm - 2.45pm

Wave puts the most powerful predictor of workplace performance in your hands. With an integrated suite of solutions for hiring, building and leading talent, and continued innovation through new questionnaires and interactive reporting, its possibilities are endless. In this workshop, we will answer your questions and equip you with the knowledge to make the extraordinary possible with Wave.

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