Accelerating development with the Onboarding Report

Joe is working to improve the onboarding process.

Joe's Challenges

With most employees now working from home for 80% of the time, Joe is aware that managers feel less able to quickly build effective relationships with newer team members and, therefore, feel less confident of their new hires’ strengths and challenge areas. Joe knows that this information is collected as part of the recruitment process and is keen to make better use of data.

Joe has also been part of an initiative designed to build an coaching organization that encourages managers to use coaching as part of everyday interaction with their teams, including onboarding. Most managers, however, feel unequipped to have these conversations despite training on the topic.

Here’s how our Wave Onboarding Report helped Joe:

  • Better Development Planning
    Joe was able to set up a 121s between new starters and their managers on Day 1 that had a tangible focus and culminated in the creation of an initial 90-day development plan.

  • Increased Manager Confidence
    Managers reported feeling much more confident about what projects to give new hires that would leverage their strengths and mean they were sooner providing value to the organization.

  • Smarter Use of Data
    Managers also reported being able to tackle potential development areas more quickly, buddying individuals up with complementary team members to reduce risk and increase learning.
Onboarding report strengths and challenge areas
employee on a video conference call
  • Enhanced Engagement
    New hires reported feeling more engaged with their work and the organization. Given their first projects often played to their strengths, their confidence grew quickly.

  • Stronger Relationship
    Both sides felt that they had quickly built a strong relationship, with a mutual understanding of what support would be provided.

  • Better Coaching
    Managers also found the task of coaching is much less daunting with a framework to follow. They commented on how Wave provided them with the language they needed to be able to have effective conversations about strengths and challenge areas, without judgment.

Can you relate to Joe’s challenges?

Please get in touch if you would like more information or to discuss how you can use the report to support and improve your own onboarding processes.

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