Build Talent with Wave

Identify talent 'pinch-points' and align talent with business demands. Create highly-effective development programs for High Potentials (HiPos).

Illustrate team dynamics to cultivate better understanding and enhanced performance, improving the effectiveness of working relationships that employees have with each other.

Person and job-relevant development planning driven by data on performance and potential increase self-awareness, making employees more accountable for achieving their objectives.

Wave Overview

The Wave Questionnaire is the most valid indicator of competency potential and cultural fit. It identifies talents, motives and preferred culture in one dynamic questionnaire and uses dual response format to help control distortion. On completion, high-quality graphic reports are produced, which are available in over 30 languages.

Specific reports are produced for a range of applications and results can be tailored to reflect organizational competencies, leadership frameworks and values. Available in 13 & 40-minute formats, offering different levels of detail (Focus Styles and Professional Styles).

Learn more detail and download the Wave personality questionnaire brochure.


Online administration via Saville Assessment's assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

The below reports cover the following areas:

Talent Audit



Performance Development

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Professional Styles Expert Report

Comprehensive 12-page report for distinguishing between high-level individuals. Depth of information provided adds rigor to selection decisions and development planning.

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Focus Styles Expert Report

7-page report exploring the information of the unique deep-dives in a summarized format. Ideal for candidate shortlisting, hiring and development.

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Personal Report

The Personal Report is designed for candidate feedback and can be used either as a standalone product or can be accompanied by telephone or face-to-face discussion.

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Development Report

Give actionable advice and development tips to achieve workplace potential. Illustrate an individual's capabilities and possible overplayed strengths.

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Performance 360 Expert Report

Deliver 360 degree performance feedback in a structured way with a mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback, and with benchmarking.

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Work Roles

Identify an individual's most and least preferred work roles. Give practical advice on how to leverage them across teams, projects and colleagues for maximum performance.

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Sales Reports

Improve coaching and development programs to build great sales people and positively impact the bottom line.

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Onboarding Report

Accelerate time to competence of new employees. Align strengths and challenge areas against business demands for focussed objectives.

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Coaching Report

Break down the barriers of traditional coaching programs. Drive a coaching culture which is efficient, available for all and can be delivered in-house or virtually.

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Resilient Agility Report

Identify and develop individuals who possess the emotional resilience to be effective during times of transformation and change.

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"The tools were great in giving us detailed and accurate information about each individual's preferences in behaviors and their abilities."

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