Career Guidance And Self-Development

Career Guidance And Self-Development

Career Guidance And Self-Development

The My Self Questionnaire produces a personalized report disclosing the user's strengths, career types they are suited to and practical development tips.

My Self Questionnaire

The questionnaire measures an individual's potential talents across a range of areas in the workplace.

My Self Report

Completing the My Self Questionnaire generates a personalized My Self Report. This report draws upon Saville Assessment's extensive research into the behaviors and competencies shown to drive successful workplace performance within a range of roles.

The report is easy to understand and includes information on the following areas:

  • Signature Strengths - behaviors that the individual prefers to exhibit and the type of organizational culture they are suited to
  • Challenge Areas - areas that the individual finds more difficult to demonstrate ability in
  • Career Area Chart - shows the career options which are most likely to suit the person and maximize their strengths
  • Career Area Fit - provides more detail about the top three career areas to which the person is most suited


  • Provides beneficial career planning information
  • Gives an accurate insight into how the individual behaves
  • Provides constructive development tips
  • Highlights the career area and culture the individual is best suited to
  • Draws upon extensive research into what constitutes successful performance
  • Short completion time


The My Self Report can be used for:

  • Career guidance and coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Development planning
  • Performance coaching

The My Self Questionnaire offers an effective and easy assessment for career planning discussions and to help individuals prepare for interview and the work environment.


Self-completion Assessment

Completion Time:

  • 8 minutes - My Self

Sample Report

PDF icon Sample My Self Report