Commercial Strengths

Commercial strengths questionnaire psychometric test

Commercial Strengths

Target Group: Commercial Staff in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Financial Services


The Commercial Strengths questionnaire identifies the potential strengths of an individual against the behaviors required for sales, marketing and business development roles. It is designed for:

  • Quick and effective volume screening
  • Assessing against cultural and/or values fit


  • Accurate prediction of strengths – uses behaviors shown to predict good performance
  • Better placement – identifies where the individual will make the greatest impact
  • Talent pooling – scores can be pooled across different roles
  • Benchmarks candidates against a relevant comparison group


For large candidate volumes, merit lists of scores against the key requirements can be provided. Scores can also be analyzed for culture and value fit.

Reports show the individual's potential against key requirements for that role type.

A superior approach to volume screening of behavioral strengths


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 10 minutes - Commercial Strengths

Requires an accredited Wave user to design and oversee projects. Line managers and recruiters can work with the data without training.

Sample Reports

PDF Icon Sample Environment Fit Report

PDF Icon Sample Sales Report