Development Report 2021 - Saville Assessment

Development Report

Our dynamic Development Report helps you harness the full potential of your people. Drawing on over 1,200 practical development actions to promote focused development planning, it bridges the gap between diagnosis and tangible action.

Generated from the results of the Wave Focus and Professional Styles personality questionnaires, the Development Report covers all 36 dimensions of the unique Wave model to ensure specific areas of development can be easily addressed – helping individuals achieve their full potential.

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Our Development Report is available with just a 20-minute questionnaire completion time and can be used for:

Self-directed improvement

Discover your own strengths and how to maximize them, as well as any potential challenge areas and over-played strengths.

Targeted coaching

Harness the full potential of your workforce with targeted one-to-one coaching.


Ensure that new recruits hit the ground running with a structured development plan.

Management development

Develop effective managers and exceptional leaders.

Assessment / Development centre follow-up

Plan structured follow ups and tangible actions after Assessment or Development centres.

Benefits of using the Development Report:

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See how line managers at Perfetti Van Melle leveraged the power of Wave to promote a globally aligned development strategy.

“The fact we are talking the same language at onboarding and development means our approach to talent is consistent and better aligned. This presents a powerful force for the business.”

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