Future Product Updates

We aim to ensure that your Oasys platform is always fully up to date with our new instruments, reports, norms and functionality. We also recognize the need to keep your platforms streamlined. 

Our aptitude and Wave products are categorized under the areas of Hire, Build, Lead or Sales.

Hire – Match the right people to the right roles

Build – Develop individuals and build team effectiveness

Lead – Take leadership to the next level

Sales – Select and develop sales talent 

To help us know which of our new products are most relevant to you, please select from the options above on the form below:

Future product launches relating to the areas most relevant to you will then be automatically added to your platform as soon as they become available. 

Please make your responses by 30th September 2021.

If we do not receive a response from you, all new products for Hire, Build & Lead will be added to your Oasys platform when they become available in English.