HCC Global join Saville Assessment’s Global Partner network to provide psychometric assessments and accreditation training in Hong Kong

Saville Assessment have joined forces with organizational development consultancy HCC Global to provide a wide range of psychometric tools and training in Hong Kong and Asia.

With vast experience in leadership and team development, HCC help leaders, teams and organizations achieve their full potential. They will offer Saville Assessment’s flagship Wave personality questionnaire, as well as Leadership Risk and Leadership Impact reports, to organizations looking to improve both their selection and development processes.

HCC’s international accreditation training program will be delivered by Henry Chamberlain, an experienced psychologist and executive coach, in conjunction with Saville Assessment. This hands-on training program will accredit delegates in the smartest assessment portfolio on the market and transform how organizations Hire, Build and Lead their talent.

“We are delighted to be working closely with HCC Global in Asia as we continue our mission to transform talent assessment globally,” says Gabby Parry, CEO of Saville Assessment.

Do you have a passion and track record for helping organizations Hire, Build and Lead talent with assessment services?

Find out how you could join our expansive network of assessment alliance partners here: www.savilleassessment.com/become-a-partner.

About HCC Global

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HCC believe in unlimited human potential, the power of science and truly caring. They are a global network of passionate pioneers who leverage behavioral expertise to develop individuals, teams and organizations through exceptional people solutions.

HCC stop at nothing to see you thrive. Drawing on science, state-of-the-art assessments and years of knowledge to help you overcome any obstacles on your way to excellence. HCC’s holistic approach ensures that they solve problems so that they stay solved.

Through innovative coaching and scientific techniques, HCC guides organizations all the way – from profound insights to profound transformations to profound sustainable success. Whether you are an individual leader, a team or an organization, HCC excel at unleashing your potential.

About Saville Assessment, a Willis Towers Watson Company

Saville Assessment’s portfolio of leading-edge products are designed based on extensive research into successful workplace performance and the critical relationship between motive, talent and workplace culture.

Their psychometric assessments embrace innovation and set the market standard for validity, ensuring you confidently and accurately match the right talent, to the right roles.