Accessible & High-Impact HR

Managers often end up being in the squeezed middle. They need practical ideas and solutions to support both individuals and themselves to navigate workplace change and transformation.

In these webinars, we shared accessible, scalable and high-impact solutions to help with building resilient agility and working collaboratively.

If you missed them, or would like to listen again, click on the links below:

Thrive, Don’t Survive

Supporting managers to be a powerhouse for change & transformation

Wednesday 10th March 2021

‘Facing a landscape of restrictions until spring means building resilience amongst employees should be top of the agenda’ (Personnel Today). The squeeze on managers has never been tighter as they juggle supporting their teams, taking care of themselves, delivering results and managing multiple demands under increased pressure.

In this webinar, we looked at accessible, scalable & high-impact ways managers can:

  • Understand and develop their own capacity for dealing with change
  • Support enhanced self-awareness for better workplace wellbeing
  • Use onboarding, development and coaching activity to build resilient agility with individuals and teams
  • Deliver collaborative virtual workshops to build capacity for change and transformation at a group level

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Meaningful Connections

Top tips for building & maintaining a collaborative culture in a changing environment

Wednesday 24th March 2021

Over a third of employees (37%) cite collaboration with colleagues as what they miss most about the office environment (Cezanne HR). Video communication is a great vehicle for helping colleagues stay connected but with teams, structures, projects and priorities changing rapidly, authentic and meaningful collaboration can be a challenge. In this webinar, we gave top tips for leveraging people data for remote activity to:

  • Get new colleagues and teams aligned quickly
  • Help to accelerate collaboration & productivity
  • Support working groups adapt to change
  • Help managers and leaders get the most out of their virtual teams

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