How can I use the Wave Expert Report to help me hire and build talent?

Using Wave to recruit talent

A recent report by data analytics firm Zegami claimed that more than 50% of workers were either bored of, not challenged by, or simply did not like their role, with one in seven intending to leave their jobs by July this year.

Our own candidate survey data identified that what candidates really want is a job they want to stay in. So clearly, something is going wrong.

The unrivalled validity of the Wave Expert Report reduces the risk of poor selection decisions and increases the likelihood of you recruiting to retain.

Our top tips for using the Wave Expert report in recruitment:

  • Use the Wave card deck to identify the drivers for success and assess against these
  • Explore motives (what an individual enjoys doing), talents (what they are good at doing) and culture fit (where they will thrive) to make informed hiring decisions
  • Use the data to drive insightful interview questions, tailored to the candidate in front of you
  • Ensure you provide candidates with feedback (remember you can send the Personal Report to candidates free of charge when you use the Expert Report)

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Using Wave to develop talent

In a recent whitepaper released by the World Economic Forum on the role of HR in the fourth industrial revolution, Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer at Unilever states:

“The digital revolution is a human revolution…As HR Leaders, we play a pivotal role in helping to lead our organizations to a new future of work – one that has the potential to be more inclusive, more purposeful and one which can deliver more positive impact to our people and our consumers.”

Organizations will need tools to help them to build their talent for the future, when jobs will be different, and the skills and behaviours required for success will constantly be evolving. HR would be wise to invest in those in high-risk or business-critical roles, along with high-potential talent as these individuals in particular will be the ones driving that future workforce.

The Wave Expert report provides a vehicle for robust conversations with these groups that build key strengths; start to address important challenge areas and explore nuances of personality specific to that individual, fundamentally helping them to better understand themselves. When people better understand themselves, they better understand what it is they need to do to stay ahead and adapt to a new future of work.

Our top tips for using the Wave Expert report in development:

  • Ask what matters within the context of the individual’s role and organization and frame development conversations around these things
  • Avoid a strengths-only approach; not addressing potential challenge areas is high risk and does nobody any favors
  • Explore how someone might leverage strengths to help support challenge areas
  • Discuss motive and talent splits (where an individual’s motivation for something appears to differ from their self-perceived talent)
    • Where motive is higher than talent, the individual may be interested in developing further in this area
    • Where talent is higher than motive, what is driving this?
  • Ensure you finish with a “So what?” What is this individual taking away from the discussion and what will they be doing differently moving forward?

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