Great leaders don’t happen by accident. They are the perfect blend of inherent behaviors, past-experience and future-thinking that complement your organizational culture and goals.

Whether you are looking to hire top-level executives from the outside or promote from within, you need the complete picture to make informed decisions and find individuals who positively impact where it matters.

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Impact3 is a high-touch leadership consultancy solution that shines a spotlight on the leadership behaviors that matter, enabling you to identify and develop exceptional leaders for your organization.

Utilize the Power of the Past, Present & Future

Impact3 utilizes our unique Leadership Impact and Leadership Risk models to identify leaders who will make a real difference.

This full-cycle leadership package uses our groundbreaking past, present, future model to provide a holistic view of potential leaders and the behaviors they display, in line with your organizational outcomes.

The Leadership Impact Model

At the heart of Impact3 is our Leadership Impact model, underpinned by our 3P framework.

Based on extensive research into workplace performance criteria, the scales in the Impact model have been grouped under the three Ps of leadership – People, Professional and Pioneering.

Leadership model of professional, people and pioneering

Professional leaders are likely to be effective at leading in specialist contexts, focusing on reputation and providing technical knowledge.


People leaders are likely to be effective at managing a wide range of people across teams, functions and geographies.


Pioneering leaders are likely to be effective at identifying new opportunities, driving change and achieving growth.

Clustered under the 3Ps of the model are 9 Impact Areas. These represent nine areas at work in which leaders can exert a critical impact on their organization.

We’ll work closely with you to identify which of these areas are a priority for you and for role you are hiring for – enabling you to find the perfect fit.


Service & Product Delivery

Maintaining productive delivery of goods and services; driving quality customer service; delivering appropriate solutions.

Managed Risk

Actively controlling risk; championing effective corporate governance; ensuring compliance with policies, procedures and legal requirements.

Expert Reputation

Building organizational expertise; promoting technical excellence; enhancing organizational reputation.


Organizational Commitment

Creating a shared sense of purpose; enhancing employee motivation; building organizational morale.

Successful Teams

Building effective teams; attracting and developing talent; utilizing potential.


Delivering influential communication; building cross-functional/geographic communication; encouraging involvement and consultation.


New Products/Markets

Identifying market gaps or routes to market; cultivating innovation; generating impactful solutions.

Organizational Transformation

Delivering organizational transformation; building commitment to change; actively managing change processes.

Organizational Growth

Increasing stakeholder value; establishing challenging organizational goals; driving organizational success.

We also look at the unintended risks a leader may pose to your organization.

As well as the positive impact of your leaders, it’s important you also consider the potential risk they could pose. Our unique Leadership Risk Model identifies a leader’s top risks by considering the unintended negative consequences of behavioural combinations.

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What Can Impact3 Be Used For?

“We have used the Leadership Impact Assessment at the final stage of our Executive Recruitment process and I love this tool!”

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Start Taking Leadership to the Next Level

Our team will be happy to discuss your project requirements and run you through the three steps of this high-touch leadership solution.

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