Wave® Interview Guide

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Wave® Interview Guide


The Wave Interview Guide gives recruiting managers access to the power of Wave personality assessments to structure their interviews. It is designed for use in:

  • Selection interviews
  • Panel interviews


  • Line Managers can access psychometric data
  • Reduces interview preparation time
  • Better prediction of performance by focusing on most relevant competencies
  • Improves interview objectivity
  • In-depth exploration of individual's motives and talents
  • Easy and standardized recording of interview information


Questions and follow-up probes are provided across the talent and motive aspects of the Wave Performance model.

Between two and four key questions are generated for each competency.

An accompanying User Guide provides quick score sheets for each competency and advice on best interview practice.

The Wave Interview Guide improves the content and structure of interviews


Online via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles
  • 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles
  • 20 minutes - Work Strengths

The Interview Guide is available immediately following completion of the Wave questionnaire.

Supporting User Guide Provided.

Sample Reports

 Sample Interview Guide