Take Leadership to the Next Level with the Leadership Impact Selection Report

64% of organizations say changing their leadership requirements over the next 3 years is a priority*. Appointing leaders who can deliver the vision, the outcome and the impact needed for success has never been more critical.

The new Leadership Impact Expert Selection Report from Wave is an essential tool for successfully appointing executive hires, internally and externally.

Powered by the ground breaking 3P Leadership model and underpinned by unrivalled reliability, it reduces the risks associated with high-stakes selection, increasing the odds of placing the right leaders, into the right roles.

The report combines detailed insight of a leaders potential across 9 key impact areas with 9 interview questions focused on delivering impact across the areas of Professional, People and Pioneering Leadership. The interview guide interacts with the individual profile, providing dynamic interview probes.

The report helps organizations who are looking for a cost-effective, streamlined, one-stop-solution for making key appointments.

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*Willis Towers Watson 2021 Employee Experience Survey


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