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Match 6.5

The fastest way to match the right talent, with the right roles.

Match 6.5 is the fastest online questionnaire for measuring critical workplace behaviors. It takes just six-and-a-half minutes to complete and generates single job-fit scores offering exceptional efficiency for recruiters.

What is Match 6.5?

Match 6.5 is a highly-effective behavioral screener, powered by Wave – the best predictor of workplace performance & potential. It can be used in isolation, or in conjunction with our other assessments, such as Aptitude Tests and Situational Judgment Tests, enabling you to make fast and effective hiring decisions.

Backed by years of data and research, no other behavioral questionnaire on the market combines the validity of Match 6.5 with such a remarkably quick completion time.

Achieve the metrics that matter with Match 6.5:

Match 6.5 questionnaire on a laptop

The Questionnaire

The dynamic Match 6.5 questionnaire reacts intuitively to the respondent to dive deeply into an applicant’s suitability & fit for the role and your organizational culture. Our unique ‘rate and rank’ feature controls for distortion and response-faking, giving you powerful data you can trust.

Easy to Interpret Outputs

Match 6.5 powers a suite of user-friendly outputs blending scientific data & technology, enabling you to make smarter screening and selection decisions.

Leadership talent analytics on a laptop screen

Job-fit Scores

Recruiters receive a single ‘role-fit’ score for candidates — measuring their suitability for the role — allowing you to make fast, accurate talent decisions.

Match 6.5 Interview Guide

A flexible Interview Guide, powered by an online competency selector, can also be generated for hiring managers.

Match 6.5 interview guide report on an iPad
Match 6.5 candidate report on an iPad

Match 6.5 Candidate Report

The Match 6.5 Candidate Report can be auto-generated for both successful and unsuccessful candidates, allowing you to provide best-practice feedback to all.

This report gives insightful and practical tips for developing an individual’s effectiveness at work.


Match 6.5 offers a smarter approach for screening and selection that delivers exceptional results. It can be used for a wide range of roles and industries. Use Match 6.5 to transform how you hire:

Delivering Exceptional Results

Match 6.5 was used alongside a Situational Judgment Test for the recruitment of sales representatives at a global insurance organization.

Individuals who performed well on the combined assessment delivered an extra $248,000 in sales per year, per person. Collectively, this accrued an additional $86 million annually in sales for the organization.

This project won the ‘Excellence in Assessment’ category at the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) Workforce Experience Awards 2020.

“We strive for excellence in everything we do, putting both candidate experience and organizational needs at the heart of each new product and project. It’s extremely pleasing to be recognized by the ABP Awards in this way for this fantastic project.”

Gabby Parry, CEO of Saville Assessment

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