5 Reasons Match 6.5 Will Improve Your Candidate Selection Process

Our newly-launched Match 6.5 assessment solution is the fastest way to match the right talent to the right roles.

This online behavioral assessment takes candidates just 6.5 minutes to complete and allows quick and effective decisions as to whether they are likely to fit and thrive in an organization.

Here are 5 reasons why Match 6.5 will drastically improve your candidate selection process:

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1. It’s designed with a focus on quality and efficiency - supporting accurate decisions in the shortest candidate completion time.

We often hear from organizations whose candidates are telling them that their assessments take too long to complete, or who are experiencing low-completion rates for this reason. Others have reservations about adding the extra demand of behavioral assessment on top of their already lengthy process.

With a completion time of just 6.5 minutes and a strong focus on quality and efficiency, Match 6.5 provides all the data you need to make smart selection decisions.

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2. It can be easily added to existing processes to give a more rounded view of your candidates.

Match 6.5 can be integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems to provide a smoother overall process. Should you prefer, you can also handle all the administration of the testing yourself through your own Oasys platform.

Some of our clients previously expressed concerns that decisions made on candidates were not based on the actual demands of the role, and that little consideration is given to the behavioral fit of the candidate. Match 6.5 allows you to get a fuller picture of the candidate and their fit for your organization.

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3. It’s designed to be combined with other types of assessment, allowing you to screen out more candidates.

Clients often come to us expressing frustration that the decision on whether to invite a candidate to interview is being made purely on the strength of their CV, or that they are not sifting out enough candidates in the early stages of the assessment process, meaning that they are seeing too many at the later, more expensive, stages.

As a behavioral assessment, Match 6.5 can be used in conjunction with other assessment methods (e.g. cognitive ability or situational judgment tests) to provide one overall fit score, allowing you to confidently filter out a greater number of candidates, based on the specific demands of the role.

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4. It powers later stages of the selection process (e.g. video interviews, assessment exercises and interview questions).

As well as being used to make decisions on which candidates to invite to later stages of the assessment process, the data provided by Match 6.5 can be used to power these stages.

Video interviews, assessment center exercises and structured competency-based interviews can be tailored to specific candidates based on the output of their Match 6.5 assessment. Using our Interview Guide, for example, allows you to probe areas of specific interest from the candidate's report at the interview stage.

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5. It’s remarkably valid, reliable and fair.

We also hear from organizations who are losing too many new starters to justify the cost of the recruitment process, as the people selected for roles are not a natural fit for it. Match 6.5’s intelligent scoring algorithm produces an easy-to-interpret role fit score for each candidate, allowing you to confidently progress the right individuals each time.

Other clients are concerned that they are not meeting their diversity and inclusions targets. Match 6.5 is shown to have no bias or adverse impact towards any gender or ethnic groups, allowing you to maintain diversity in your candidate pipeline.

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See how Match 6.5 has been used alongside an SJT to predict success at a leading global insurer.

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