Mind the Gap

Finding and securing the best talent is paramount to success in today’s competitive business environment. The online screening process for recruitment is often the first chance an organization has to really impress that talent. Ensuring alignment between candidate and recruiter expectations is crucial for having the highest caliber talent pool to recruit from.

How can recruiters mind the gap and ensure that their organization’s selection process reflects what is really important to today’s applicants?

The findings from Saville Assessment’s recent survey ‘Are you switching on or switching off your applicants?’ highlighted some areas where recruiter and applicant views appear to be less aligned.

Here’s where recruiters need to mind the gap:

Retention Matters

Our survey data suggests that applicants are not looking for a quick fix or a stop gap; 91% of applicants surveyed stated that they want the online recruitment screening process to help identify a job that they want to stay in. This factor was given the highest overall importance rating by the applicant sample. However, fewer recruiters placed importance on identifying employees who will stay for a long time, rating several other factors as being of higher Importance.

Mind the gap by taking a look at your organization’s retention metrics. If you have great retention, shout about it! Let your candidates know this early in the selection process. If applicants are able to see that your employees stay for a long time, this is likely to have a positive effect on whether they will continue with their application.

If your organization has great talent retention metrics, make sure your applicants know this. Include positive retention statistics or a short video from some long-term employees as something applicants see when they go through your online selection process.

Being Well Suited

It is really important to applicants that they are selected for a role to which they are well suited. However, fewer recruiters placed importance on identifying the right person for each role. For recruiters, aspects such as minimizing cost per hire and filling all vacancies were of greater importance. Is this quantity over quality?

Without a focus on finding those that are best suited to a role, recruiters run the risk of increasing their overall costs. Bad hires result in wasted recruitment costs plus the cost of development / training and ultimately needing to fill the role with someone more suitable. It is essential to always look at whether the selection process is identifying individuals who will likely be effective in the role. Getting the right person in a role increases the likelihood of retention and will minimize cost per hire in the long term.

Well-researched and valid assessments help organizations to identify individuals who are most likely to be effective in the role.

Motivation is Key

91% of recruiters want the online screening process to result in the applicant feeling motivated to work for their organization. This factor was joint highest amongst the recruiters surveyed. Whilst being motivated to want to work for the organization was also important to applicants, the other factors highlighted above, along with a process that’s fair to all candidates, were considered to be more important by applicants.

Enabling candidates to see positive aspects of the organization throughout the screening process such as by including key facts about the organization and what it achieves is an easy way to help boost motivation. Why not embed a short video at the start of the process that showcases your brand? When Jaguar Land Rover came to us to redesign their early-career selection process, we built questions specifically around car engineering scenarios that could accompany 3D images of their vehicles. It validly selected the best applicants and motivated candidates to want to work for them.

The online screening process allows recruiters the opportunity to showcase their brand. 86% of applicants stated they wanted to come away from the process feeling positive about the brand they are applying to.

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