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My Self Questionnaire

The My Self Questionnaire is a fast effective way to assess an individual’s suitability for a particular career as well as helping them prepare for interviews and the work environment.

What is My Self?

The My Self Questionnaire takes just 8 minutes to complete and produces a personalized report highlighting the user’s strengths, career types they are suited to, as well as practical tips for personal development.

My Self report Strengths pageon iPad

This report draws upon Saville Assessment’s extensive research into the behaviors and competencies shown to drive successful workplace performance within a range of different roles and industries.

This easy-to-interpret report Includes information on both an individual’s Signature Strengths and Challenge Areas. The Career Area Chart delves into an individual’s top three career-fits and the skills and behaviors they possess that make them suitable for it.

The My Self Report can be used for:

My Self report challenge area page on iPad
My Self report career area chart page on iPad

Benefits of My Self:

The My Self report can be administered online through our Oasys and Bureau Service and is available without the need for training.

“…It’s a very enriching experience for the individual, and also for the person who delivers the feedback…the delivery is very flexible.”

Ricardo Valesco

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