Navigating through change with the Building Resilience Agility Report

Joe is supporting the Analyst team through a digital transformation program.

Joe's Challenges

With the large amount of change already experienced and the challenges presented by virtual working, Joe is keen to equip team members with tools to help them build resilience and ensure the next phase of the transformation is a success.

He is also keen to understand who is likely to be able to adopt an Advocacy or Change Agent role as part of the program itself.

Finally, Joe wants to understand the team’s collective capacity for change and transformation. This will help identify strengths that could be leveraged and potential pitfalls on which the group should take action as they embark on what will be an ambitious collaborative program.

Here’s how our Wave Building Resilient Agility Report helped Joe:

  • Improved Understanding of Resilience
    The group felt they had a better understanding of the different aspects of resilient agility and how it could be developed.

  • Better Awareness of How to Build Resilient Agility
    Team members reported to have a stronger understanding of exactly how to build their own resilient agility, making use of tailored advice, specific to their own Wave profile.

  • Identification of Key Change Advocates
    Joe was able to identify individuals who were likely to be effective Change Agents and pull them into transformation activity, where required.
Building Resilient Agility report example pages
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  • Development of Team Action Plan
    The group valued the opportunity to come together to discuss their collective profile. Joe facilitated a constructive discussion that culminated in a clear plan of action, addressing several potential pitfalls identified by the data.

  • Enhanced Understanding of Team Dynamics
    Team members also reported having a better understanding of the way each other dealt with change and were, therefore, able to show greater compassion when group dynamics felt strained.

  • Increased Change Readiness
    Most importantly, the group felt ready and confident to tackle the task ahead of them.

Can you relate to Joe’s challenges?

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