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Maximize the Power of Wave® with New Expert Reports

21st January 2021

Saville Assessment are excited to extend the range of Wave Expert Reports to include powerful combinations at extremely cost-effective rates.

The new reports blend the unique level of insight from an Expert Report with the practical advice of an application-focused business user report. This synergy equips organizations to deliver even better hiring and development outcomes.

Intrigued to find out more? See our FAQs below and complete the short online form to receive a sample of your selected report(s).

How are they accessed?

The reports are available to generate from a client’s own Oasys platform or via our Bureau service upon a candidate Professional Styles or Focus Styles Questionnaire completion.

How does the pricing work?

This new format provides a more cost-effective way to access multiple reports from our Wave portfolio from one candidate completion.

The New Expert Reports include a 50% discount on the standard price of the 2nd combined report. For example, if you generated the Professional Styles Expert Work Roles Report the price would be charged at 100% for the PS Expert Report and only 50% for the PS Work Roles Report.

Important Note: The new Expert Report must be generated first. The component single reports, Line Manager and Personal Reports can then be generated for free. If the single reports are generated first, the price benefit will not apply. Group Overviews from the component single reports will be displayed once the relevant component reports have been generated.

Can I generate the individual components as well?

These reports are designed to broaden the scope and use of Wave to support an organization’s integrated talent strategy. Once the combination Expert Report has been generated, you can then generate the individual report components Free of Charge. This allows you to forward the business user report to a a non-trained user and give the candidate their non-expert as part of their development.

Which Wave Expert Reports are available in this new format?

See the list of reports currently available below and complete the form to receive a digital sample.

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