A New Wave of Talent Analytics

Unlock the Collective Potential of your Entire Workforce

The workplace continues to change at a rapid pace. Organizations are leveraging AI, automation and digitalization to create more streamlined processes and agile work environments. To navigate transformation effectively, HR needs smart insight available in dynamic ways to drive smarter decisions.

Powered by Wave, the industry leading predictor of workplace performance and potential, the new digital group reporting provides a platform for organizations to quickly identify talent trends and unlock the collective potential of its entire workforce.

“We know that high on our client’s priorities is being able to make better use of their assessment data, to inform what they do on their talent agenda. This new group reporting gives clients the power to do this at their fingertips, without the resource burden of manual data collation and analysis. We are committed to continuously enhancing and developing or product solutions and are delighted with the feedback the new analytics powered by Wave is receiving.” says Gabby Parry, Global practice Leader for Saville Assessment.

To learn more about how talent analytics powered by Wave can transform your organization’s talent activities, download the introductory demo below or email us: [email protected]

Talent Analytics – Unlock the Collective Potential of your Workforce

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Personality Questionnaires

Our Wave and Strengths personality questionnaires set the market standard with industry-leading research into successful workplace performance and the relationship between motive, talent and culture.

Saville Assessment named Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year at Recruiter Awards 2019

"The winners deserved their award due to a commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion opportunities throughout its client base, and displaying a masterful use of technology”

Assessment Packages

Create an engaging, efficient and effective solution for screening large numbers of applicants, blending our suite of aptitude tests, strengths questionnaires and situational judgment tests (SJTs).