Take Leadership to the Next Level

Identify Leaders to Power Your Organization’s Ambitions.

It’s time to look beyond competencies and strengths to focus on Leadership Impact.

The Leadership Impact model bridges the crucial gap between leadership behavior and organizational outcomes, assessing leaders against the results they need to achieve.

There are two ways to start your leadership journey this year:

Get Introduced with a 30-minute webcast

Thursday 6th February - 10am-10.30am

This complimentary 30-minute webcast is perfect for those curious to learn more about the Leadership Impact and Leadership Risk approach.

In this session, you will:

  • be introduced to the Leadership Impact and Leadership Risk models and shown how they offer a fresh perspective on leadership assessment
  • demonstrate how the tools can support senior level activity including Mergers and Acquisitions, Leadership Development, Executive Hiring, Transformation and more
  • view practical case studies around how the solutions have been applied and the outcomes they have achieved

Register Your Place

Get accredited with a one-day course

Locations: London/Birmingham/Manchester

This highly engaging and practical course gives Wave-trained users a fresh and detailed perspective on the latest leadership assessment. It teaches you the background to the Leadership Impact and Risk models, illustrates how they compare to other frameworks and provides a hands-on opportunity to practice using the suite of reports.

By attending you will:

  • immerse yourself in a new and powerful approach to leadership assessment
  • see how Impact compares with other leadership models
  • learn how to articulate and profile leadership requirements in line with organizational strategy
  • enhance your feedback and facilitation skills with tutored practice sessions
  • practice new ways of hiring and developing leaders and executive teams with a range of outputs likely to create the most positive impact

For more information on dates, pricing and the toolkit received as part of your booking, visit www.savilleassessment.com/leadership-impact-practitioner-masterclass or email [email protected]