Reducing the risk of a bad hire with the Interview Guide

Joe is recruiting for new Business Analysts.

Joe's Challenges

Already busy, Joe spends a long time preparing for interviews only to find out from Hiring Managers that new recruits have not lived up to expectations. Joe finds it difficult to distinguish between high-caliber candidates and relies on informal catch ups to find out more about a candidate’s suitability.

It is important that Joe implements a process that promotes fairness and reduces opportunity for bias because D&I has been a key business focus. Specifically, the Analyst team has been recognized as a department that could benefit from more diversity.

Finally, Joe noticed negative feedback from rejected candidates on Glassdoor about their experience of the process, highlighting a lack of feedback.

Here’s how our Wave Interview Guide helped Joe:

  • Reduced Interview Preparation Time
    Joe was able to reduce preparation time by over half; the questions are dynamically generated based on candidate responses meaning Joe could use the time saved to focus on other work.

  • Increased Fairness and Objectivity
    Joe also found that the interview process was fairer and more objective as he was consistently measuring the same competencies across all candidates.

  • Enhanced D&I Outcomes
    He didn’t feel the need to have informal catch ups; Joe liked how he was able to build a clearer picture of a candidate using the probing questions provided, reducing opportunity for bias greatly.
Interview example pages showing high and low scores
Interview Guide summary page in ipad
  • Better Decision Making
    Powerful interviewing meant that Joe was more confident making hiring decisions - he has already received positive feedback from the hiring managers for finding high-caliber recruits.

  • Improved Candidate Experience
    Finally, it made Joe’s life so much easier to have feedback reports that are readily available to share with candidates, even those who were unsuccessful.

Can you relate to Joe’s challenges?

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