Resilient Agility Webinar Series

We recently ran a webinar series to introduce our new Resilient Agility report - which can help organizations identify and develop individuals who are more likely to be effective during times of change. If you missed it, or would like to listen again, then please click on the links below.

Resilient Agility from Wave

Change and transformation isn’t new, but its pace and impact this year has been unparalleled.

Whilst nobody can predict the future of work, Saville Assessment can help organizations understand how their people will respond to change and transformation.

This webinar introduces Resilient Agility from Wave – a ground-breaking model created using over 10 years of big data. This unique form of agility identifies those who will be most effective in times of change and, crucially, are more likely to maintain their drive and focus.

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Building Capacity for Resilient Agility

Will your people survive or thrive in change? Is your talent strategy integrated and aligned? Are you unlocking the true potential of your talent?

Resilient Agility from Wave identifies who has the agility to respond positively to change, and the resilience to see it through.

This webinar shows the report and group analytics in action.

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Having Real Conversations About Change & Transformation

The pace and impact of change this year has been unparalleled.

Building greater capacity for resilience and agility in people will be key for ensuring they, and their organization, thrive rather than survive.

In this webinar we looked at how you can have meaningful conversations around Building Resilient Agility as part of:

  • development/end-of-year reviews
  • onboarding conversations
  • coaching/personal development conversations

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