Wave® Sales Reports

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Wave® Sales Reports

Our integrated suite of sales reports provides organizations with a consistent, aligned and effective approach to the assessment of sales talent. Each report is powered by the extensively-researched and validated Wave Sales model.

The Sales Model The Sales Model 2

The Wave Sales Suite of integrated reports is built from the extensively-researched and validated Sales Model. Using these reports organizations can identify key sales behaviors for profiling, recruiting, developing and benchmarking sales talent:

  • Sales Recruitment – Hiring salespeople against key predictors of success
  • Sales Development – Identifying successful sales profiles and building sales pipelines against them
  • Sales Transformation – Organizations looking to move to a new way of selling
  • Sales Leadership – Identifying leadership potential in sales talent

Further information on each individual report in the suite can be found by following the links below:

Sales Expert Report

Assesses an individual across eight key sales styles, their potential in eight key sales areas and their sales focus against three indicators related to effectiveness in different sales roles.

Sales Line Manager Report

Equips Line Managers with the power to transform sales effectiveness in their teams.

Sales Environment Fit Report

Candidate report highlighting which workplace situations individuals are most likely to be effective as a salesperson.

Sales Interview Guide

Generates a series of relevant questions for Hiring Managers to interview sales candidates against.

Sales Development Report

Drives superior sales performance of current sales talent. Targets key areas for development, highlights potential overplayed strengths and provides practical development activities.