Wave® Sales Reports

The Wave Sales Report was developed to meet the important and specific requirements of identifying and developing sales people.

Sales is the growth engine of many organizations and the financial difference between good and average performance is usually very significant. The Wave Sales Report identifies potential across all areas of the sales cycle.


  • Select high performing sales people – based on motives and talents.

  • Helps identify sales leadership potential.

  • Can be used for sales coaching & training.

  • Strong prediction of sales performance.

  • Improved retention - based on focused hiring and better fit against job requirements.

  • Focused sales development.

  • Early identification of potential sales leaders - who can drive performance and build the talent pipeline.

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles

Available online via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Requires a Wave accredited user to interpret and feedback data.

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"Individuals with a higher overall fit score had a greater sales pipeline, by approximately £40,000, and generated £30,000 more in actual sales than an individual with a low fit score" -- leading Financial Services Company

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