Wave Sales Reports

Our integrated suite of Sales reports provides organizations with a consistent, aligned and effective approach to the assessment of sales talent throughout hiring, onboarding and development processes. Strong sales performers deliver greater financial growth while the associated costs of poor performers is high.

We help organizations:

Recognize the behaviors which align to KPIs and predict potential for sales success

Hire sales people against key predictors of success

Identify successful sales profiles and build sales pipelines against them

Understand readiness for sales transformation and move to new ways of selling

Powered by our extensively-researched sales model, our suite of sales reports transform how you benchmark, profile, identify and develop your sales talent.

The Suite of Sales Reports

Sales Expert Report

Assesses an individual across eight sales styles, their potential in eight key sales areas and their sales focus against three indicators related to effectiveness in different sales roles.

Sales Interview Guide

Generates a series of relevant questions for hiring managers to utilise at interview.

Sales Development Report

Drives superior sales performance of current sales talent. Targets key areas for development, highlights potential overplayed strengths and provides practical development activities.

Sales Line Manager

Equips line managers with the power to transform the sales effectiveness of their teams.

Sales Environment Fit Report

Candidate report highlighting which workplace situations individuals are most likely to be effective in.

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"Individuals with a higher overall fit score had a greater sales pipeline, by approximately £40,000, and generated £30,000 more in actual sales than an individual with a low fit score"

Leading Financial Services Company

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