Situational Judgement Tests - Preparation Guide

The Situational Judgement Test is designed to assess abilities which are important for the role for which you are applying at Jaguar Land Rover. The assessment is suitable for people who have little or no practical work experience.

The Assessment

You will be presented with a series of video clips which will outline potential situations you may face, if successful in obtaining a role at Jaguar Land Rover.

At the end of the video clip, you will be presented with four possible actions that you could take in that situation. For each possible action you will be presented with an effectiveness rating scale ranging from “Extremely Ineffective” to “Extremely Effective” for each action.

Effective rating scale

Using the above scale, you are required to indicate how effective you think each action is as a response to the situation by selecting the appropriate effectiveness rating.

How to approach the assessment

  • There is no time limit for this assessment. It is likely to take you approximately 40 minutes to complete.
  • You are advised to work quickly and accurately.
  • When rating the effectiveness of each response, use the information given in the scenario to make your best choice.
  • Try to use the full range of the rating scale and spread out your responses.
  • The assessment is best completed when you are in a quiet room where you will not be interrupted

IT Considerations

  • The assessment will play on all screen sizes but it is recommended to play it on a tablet size or larger.
  • JavaScript needs to be enabled; if it is not enabled on your device, online instructions to enable it will be made available.
  • You will require an internet connection and audio capability on your computer to play the sound in the clips. Subtitles are also available.