psychometric strengths assessment


Strengths is a powerful suite of behavioral screening questionnaires offering a cost-effective approach to volume recruitment.

Questionnaires and reports are available for specific roles:


  • Strengths-based behavioral screening
  • Measures fit against organizational values and/or culture
  • Structured interviewing - with Interview Guides available


  • Effective prediction of performance - identifies strengths
  • Fast screening - for large volumes
  • Easy integration with applicant tracking systems
  • Improves caliber of later-stage candidates
  • Positive candidate experience
  • Benchmarking - against relevant comparison groups
  • Supports hiring manager recruiters - easy-to-interpret reports guide interviews


The five Strengths Reports provide a summary of an individual’s potential against key requirements.

Merit List Reporting - for large volumes, lists of candidates' scores are provided which can be integrated with scores from other assessments. These allow for efficient comparison of results within a group.

Merit lists can be provided on standard scores or mapped to specific role requirements to produce a bespoke list.

Fit scores can also be provided against an organization’s cultural and value requirements.

Behavioral Screening Questionnaires
A superior approach to screening large numbers of candidates


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

Requires an accredited Wave user to design and oversee projects. Line managers and recruiters can work with Strengths data without training.

Role Type Work Strengths Operational Strengths Commercial Strengths Customer Strengths Administrative Roles