Strengths Reports

Our Work Strengths Reports show a candidate’s potential strengths against 36 competency areas, along with aspects of the culture, job and environment that are likely to enhance or inhibit the candidate’s performance.

For large candidate numbers, a merit list of scores against the key requirements can be provided. Interview Guides provide a summary of an individual’s scores along with relevant questions and follow up probes for interview.


  • Accurate prediction of behaviors.

  • Easy integration with applicant tracking systems.

  • Improves calibre of later stage candidates.

  • Positive candidate experience - questions are relevant with short completion times.

  • Talent pooling - scores can be pooled across different work streams.

  • Benchmarking of applicants.

  • Better placement - shows performance enhancers and inhibitors.

Completion Time

20 minutes - Work Strengths

10 minutes - Operational Strengths

10 minutes - Commercial Strengths

10 minutes - Customer Strengths

10 minutes - Administrative Strengths

Requires an accredited Wave user to design and oversee projects. Line managers and recruiters can work with the data without training.

Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

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"The Strengths questionnaire has been instrumental in improving our recruitment, reducing our costs and halving our time to hire."

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