Swift Apprentice Aptitude

Swift Apprentice Aptitude Test

Swift Apprentice Aptitude

Target Group: Operational, Technical, Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction Apprentices

This 19.5 minute aptitude assessment measures both technical and comprehension reasoning through short verbal (4 mins), numerical (4 mins), checking (90 secs), spatial (3 mins), mechanical (3 mins) and diagrammatic (4 mins) sub-tests. It is designed for all types of staff at apprentice or entry-level.

Aptitude Area Sub-scores:

  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Error Checking
  • Spatial
  • Mechanical
  • Diagrammatic

Invited (Unsupervised) Online Version (IA)

Swift Apprentice Aptitude
Invited (Unsupervised) Online Version (IA)

This online aptitude assessment is available to Oasys and Bureau users and presents one of many parallel versions assembled from content that is completely separate from the supervised versions. The self-administering, interactive format in conjunction with economical time limit (19.5 minutes total testing time) makes this tool ideal for unsupervised assessments. It can be taken from any place with a computer and good Internet connectivity. The aptitude test can be deployed as a stand-alone tool in talent audit and self-development situations, or as a screening tool in a multistage recruitment process. For high-stakes appointment decisions Saville Assessment strongly recommend retesting under supervised conditions.

Assessment Report

The assessment reports have been designed for use in either selection or development. The Swift Apprentice Aptitude Report contains:

  • An introduction
  • Apprentice Aptitude Profile with Total Score and Aptitude Area (Verbal, Numerical, Error Checking, Spatial, Mechanical & Diagrammatic) Sub-scores
  • Tips on improving abilities

The report also contains test-taking style information.

A unique combination test measuring both technical and comprehension reasoning in one quick test.

Sample Report

Swift Apprentice Sample Report Cover

 pdf icon Download a sample report