Talent assessment health check: Prescribing a better process to combat attrition

The diagnosis isn’t positive news: The turnover of hospital staff in the US continues to be above average. And this isn’t just for nurses, or at a specific level, but across all levels and all roles.

The lack of continuity of staff is not only bad for hospitals, but also bad for patients who expect a continuity of care.

But what can be done to treat this? A recent survey report from Leaders For Today (LFT), a hospital staffing firm, not only shared alarming statistics around this, but also suggested that “The hospital hiring process needs a tune-up".

While most efforts at addressing retention issues focus on what happens after the hire, at Willis Towers Watson we believe it makes sense to start before the hire is made - ensuring the people who are being considered for healthcare roles have the necessary aptitude and cultural fit to be successful for the long term.

Find out the approaches we recommend in the full article on Becker's Hospital Review