Test User: Occupational Ability (BPS Level A Training) - 2 Days

BPS Level A Psychometric Training

Test User: Occupational Ability (BPS Level A Training) - 2 Days


  • Equips delegates to objectively assess and reliably select candidates using Saville Assessment aptitude tests.
  • The course confers eligibility for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Test User: Occupational Ability qualification (also known as BPS Level A training).

Our psychometric test training course equips delegates to administer the full range of our aptitude tests, interpret the results and give feedback to individuals. The Level A course is fully tutored with a minimal amount of pre- and post-course work. This training confers eligibility for the BPS Test User: Occupational Ability qualification (also known as BPS Level A training).

Key Learning Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Gain access to our portfolio of over 90 Aptitude Tests.
  • Use aptitude assessments professionally in the workplace.
  • Understand different perspectives on intelligence and aptitudes.
  • Conduct a job analysis and identify the psychometric assessment requirements.
  • Run professional supervised testing sessions.
  • Interpret ability tests and provide high quality feedback.
  • Predict job success and performance.
  • Integrate ability testing with wider processes.
  • Understand how ethics and equal opportunities apply to psychometrics.
  • Understand how to measure the cost-benefits of psychometric selection.
  • Evaluate ability tests in terms of their reliability and validity.


"Materials are great – very professional. Gemma is a talented facilitator both in terms of style and knowledge."


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"...applying science to the workplace and creating the gold standard for psychometric tests."

- The British Psychological Society

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