Transform Talent Development

Implementing ongoing listening and feedback is critical for supporting an agile workforce. 360 remains one of the most powerful approaches for performance development activity, shining a critical light on the relationship between an individual’s self-perception and peer reputation. It is also one of the most sensitive if not delivered correctly.

Get Smart on 360 Webinar

Tuesday 28th January - 10am

This 30-minute webinar provides a best-practice guide to delivering 360 development activity using the Wave Performance 360 tool. The session will introduce:

  • Using 360 to drive personal development, coaching and leadership development effectiveness
  • An understanding of the situations when implementing a 360 would be most suitable, tips for leveraging it effectively and ‘watch-fors’
  • The unique differentiators of the Wave Performance 360 and how to maximize them for superior results

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Personality Questionnaires

Our Wave and Strengths personality questionnaires set the market standard with industry-leading research into successful workplace performance and the relationship between motive, talent and culture.

Saville Assessment named Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year at Recruiter Awards 2019

"The winners deserved their award due to a commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion opportunities throughout its client base, and displaying a masterful use of technology”

Assessment Packages

Create an engaging, efficient and effective solution for screening large numbers of applicants, blending our suite of aptitude tests, strengths questionnaires and situational judgment tests (SJTs).