Turning Candidates into 'Fandidates'

Delivering a positive candidate experience is increasingly challenging amidst digital disruption, higher expectations and increased competition. It’s estimated that around 70% of candidates will share a negative experience* and, with bad news travelling faster than ever, it's increasingly important to get it right…

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How Much Did You Say?

The importance of offering a positive candidate experience is widely acknowledged but can a price be attached to getting it wrong? One brand found that over an 18-month period, 7,500 unsuccessful applicants terminated their subscription with them, equating to £4.4 million. The first contact a potential employee has with an organization is the selection process. Here are a few quick considerations to help ensure you get the balance right.

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Aligning to Employee Experience

As the first interaction with an organization, the assessment process acts as the ‘gate-keeper’ to EX (Employee Experience). When creating an Employee Experience, organizations will look to connect its people to the brand and personalize the working experience to bring the deal to life and gain advantage over competitors. This should also drive assessment choice to align the process with business strategy, brand purpose, competitive environment and human capital plans.

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The Stage is Yours…

70% of employees expect their employers to understand them to the same degree they are expected to understand their customers.** Applying this principal to applicants can positively impact engagement and retention. Leveraging assessment as an opportunity to showcase your brand, align to candidate motivators and represent the skills and behaviors required for the role gets results. On average, our SJT (Situational Judgment Test) clients have a 95% candidate engagement rate and boost ROI with improved performance in latter stages of the process and once in role.

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Tackling Technology

It would be easy to assume that making all types of assessment available across all technology equals a positive candidate experience. Whilst it is important to keep up with the direction of travel, considerations should still be made to ensure an optimum experience. Research suggests that if an individual has to wait longer than three seconds for a web page to download, they will click away. Employers should also remember to advise on ideal test-taking conditions, the ability to complete an assessment anywhere and at any time doesn’t mean that a candidate should necessarily do so.

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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…

It’s estimated that 65% of children entering primary schools today will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist***. The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting the future of work with the way things get done, how they get done and by who. Despite the disruption, role relevance of assessment will remain key to ensuring a positive candidate experience. For one client, the nature of their customer service roles has moved away from call handling to interacting via live chat functionality so we have created an assessment based in this transition. Fundamentally, however, roles change, defining what behaviors or skills are predictive of success and aligning assessment choice to that will still be best practice in the future.

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Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

Short completion times contribute to a streamlined process, critical in the competition for talent. Blending tailored assessments such as SJTs with Aptitude Tests into one immersive assessment via one login has proved a popular and successful option for many clients.

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Common Complaints

No matter how innovative assessment solutions may become, the basics can’t be forgotten. Relevance, accessibility, ease of completion, practice and preparation materials, information on completion times and deadlines will remain critical to a positive candidate experience and avoiding complaints.

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Don’t Forget the Feedback!

The most common candidate complaint resulting in a negative experience and brand perception is a lack of feedback and/or acknowledgement for time and effort invested into applying. All of our assessments come with candidate-friendly reports which can be shared with successful and unsuccessful applicants.

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Keeping it Fair

Perhaps most critical but not most obvious is the importance of validity to a positive candidate experience. In an era of ‘dress-to-impress’ and following the latest assessment trends, make sure you are asking assessment providers for their reliability and validity data. Ultimately, when your decision is impacting a candidate’s future, being able to show it was based on fair, defensible, objective and reliable data is essential.

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At The Heart of it All…

The approach and technology may evolve but at the core of every assessment process is the responsibility to fairly and objectively identify the right people for the right roles. There is a balance to be struck between gamification, innovation and validity so that a positive candidate experience continues to be derived from assessment, adding real value to the employer and the applicant by accurately matching talent to the role.

*The Candidate Experience Study; Career-arc and Future Workplace, 2016

**Willis Towers Watson Global Workforce Study, 2016

***World Economic Forum, 2016

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