Wave Assessment Profiler

This Wave Assessment Profiler helps us to understand the factors which are important in the target job role. This information allows us to focus on assessing the key characteristics required for success in the role. Once you have filled out the form below you will be taken to the next page to complete the Wave Competency Selector.

    Background Information

    Number 1

    Objectives of the Role

    Number 1

    Please indicate the key objectives of the role, using between 5-10 statements.
    These statements should:

    • Describe the goals/results to be achieved, rather than the method used to achieve them
    • Be quantifiable and measurable
    • Be comprehensive, covering all aspects of the job

    Email Sent Confirmation

    Wave Competencies

    Number 1

    Thank you for submitting the profiler form, please now continue to the Wave Competency Selector Page where you will be presented with 12 Wave competencies from the Saville Assessment Wave Performance Culture Framework.

    Please review the 12 competency cards and their associated behaviors and consider the importance of each of the competencies in respect to the target job role.

    You will then be required to rank the top 6 competencies based on those you believe to be most important to possess in the target job in order to be successful. Option 1 = highest priority and Option 6 = lowest priority. Please ensure you select 6 different competencies.