Saville Assessment Wave®

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Wave® Personality Assessments

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The most powerful personality questionnaire for predicting performance and potential

These online styles assessments available in 13 and 40-minute formats are transforming assessment and development practice around the world


  • The most valid indicator of competency potential and cultural fit
  • Identifies talents, motives and preferred culture in one dynamic questionnaire
  • Uses dual response format to help control distortion
  • Available in over 30 languages
  • High quality graphic reports
  • Specific reports for a range of applications
  • Results can be tailored to reflect organizational competencies, leadership frameworks and values

Interview Guide

Objective and competency-based interviewing for line managers, probing areas of concern and verifying strengths in an easy to use format.

Development Report

Illustrates existing capability and areas of overplayed strengths, providing development tips to achieve full potential.

Work Roles Report

Highlights an individual’s most and least preferred roles in the workplace and how to leverage them effectively working with others.

Leadership Impact Report

Identifies leadership potential for talent selection and development in line with situational effectiveness.

Onboarding Report

Improves performance by tailoring the onboarding process to the needs of the organization and the individual.

Leadership Impact 360 Report

A powerful development tool for highlighting leader identity vs leader perception.

Job Profiler Report

Profiles the key drivers for success.

Sales Report

Builds high-quality sales teams by identifying individuals with the potential and talent to succeed in sales roles.

Entrepreneurial Report

Powerful predictor of the ability to create and add value to an organization through entrepreneurial talent.

Performance 360 Report

360 feedback on performance delivered in the most powerful way.

Leadership Risk Report

The Leadership Risk report identifies unintentional risk areas of behavior and how to mitigate their repercussions on the individual, the organization and the culture.