Wave Strengths-2022 - Saville Assessment

Wave Strengths

A fast and efficient behavioral questionnaire that generates a one-stop shop suite of reports suitable for screening, selecting and onboarding talent.

Taking just 20 minutes for indiviudals to complete, this powerful tool is ideal for screening large volumes of candidates for graduate and trainee positions, as well managerial and executive-level roles.

The Questionnaire

This online behavioral screening questionnaire uses a unique ‘rate and rank’ format, eliciting detailed information about a candidate’s workplace preferences.

Assess the work-relevant behaviors that matter to your organization and that are crucial to the role in hand.

Easy to Interpret outputs

Merit lists and overall job fit scores can be created from multiple assessments, ideal for quickly and efficiently screening large volumes of candidates.

Ensure that you make fair, robust and reliable selection decisions by using a tool backed by years of big data and powerful research.

A Behavioral Profile, dynamic Interview Guide and Onboarding Report can be generated from a single questionnaire completion – seeing an applicant through the end-to-end hire journey.

Benefits of Using Wave Strengths:

Wave Strengths can be used for:

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Find out how BNP Paribas used Wave Strengths to transform their graduate recruitment process.

“The tools were great in giving us detailed and accurate information about each individual’s preferences in behaviors and their abilities.”

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