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10 Ways Wave® Drives Development

1st May 2024

External hires cost 18% more than internal hires and are 21% more likely to leave.*

Our flagship personality assessment tool Wave® provides a scientific and scalable framework for talent development teams to accurately identify the potential in everyone and elevate the performance of individuals, the teams they operate in, and the organizations they are part of.

Here are 10 ways Wave can drive effective talent development in your organization:


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Fusing Data and Technology

Get instant, in-depth insights across your organisation with Wave’s unique talent dashboards. Benchmark talent pools, identify critical areas for development and strategically succession plan your talent pipelines.


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Unearthing Unique Insights

Wave has 108 highly-predictive facets of behavior, eliciting truly unique people insights. This breadth, depth and accuracy opens the door for an individual to achieve their true potential.


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Mobilizing Wider Talent Pools

Unlike many development tools, Wave isn’t restricted for use with a small, exclusive cohort. A range of high-impact, low-touch outputs are available for broader development, coaching and team-building initiatives; all powered by the same Wave framework.


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Identifying What Matters

Wave possesses the most scientifically-proven model for predicting workplace performance and potential. Wave’s foundations are built on what accurately predicts success in the workplace, supporting individuals to truly thrive.


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Improving DE&I

Wave has been designed to increase fairness and mitigate adverse impact with extensive evidence-based research and fairness testing. Don’t risk overlooking and losing top talent by employing a transparent, objective and scientific lens on potential.


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Diving Deeper

Our in-depth Expert reports present the opportunity to explore personality at a level other tools simply don’t offer. These provide nuanced insight on not only what you do, but also why you do it. This enhances workplace performance by tackling the root causes and not just the symptoms.


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Widening Development Opportunities

We believe everyone has potential. Wave helps broaden the spectrum of development opportunities by spotlighting the career types and leadership roles an individual has potential for. Build lateral as well as vertical ladders for development.


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Taking Leadership to the Next Level

Wave make you 65% more likely to develop the right leadership skills in the right people. At the leadership level, Wave bridges the crucial gap between leadership skills and the organizational outcomes leaders need to deliver.


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Developing a Global Cohort

Wave was developed and validated internationally from the start. The tool remains relevant across cultures with both questionnaire and report outputs available in over 40 languages, making globally-consistent development easier than ever.


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Mapping to your Framework

Use Wave… but make it your own. Harness the power of Wave’s unrivalled science and map it to your own framework, creating a customized output that speaks your organization’s language.

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