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10 Ways Wave® Drives Development

4th August 2020

Development of talent is key to any successful organization. Wave utilizes powerful technology and rich data to provide you with a unrivaled framework to harness the true potential of your workforce.

Here are 10 ways Wave drives smarter developmental activity with tangible, measurable outcomes.


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Focus on the things that matter at work

Wave’s foundations are built on behaviors that are proven to be the best predictors of both performance and potential. The questionnaire then uses data-driven algorithms to boost prediction and smart technology controls distortion.


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Broaden your understanding and deepen your insight

Intelligent design works to reveal the real self, starting with four broad clusters and drilling down to 108 highly predictive facets of behavior. Wave is a self-report assessment tool that unlocks the richness of the human psyche.


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Dive deeper

In-depth Expert reports, for certified feedback providers, present the opportunity to explore personality at depths other tools simply don’t offer. These outputs provide insight not only on what you do but why you do it (something that you miss when only using a 360 tool); armed with this information, performance at work can be enhanced by tackling the root causes and not just the symptoms.


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Drive specific and targeted self- or manager-led development activities

Powerful but easy-to-interpret stakeholder outputs drive the right development. Development reports provide advice on building strengths, developing challenge areas and managing potential overplayed strengths. Coaching reports provide a structure for powerful conversations, encouraging individuals to build goals and objectives that are tailored to their specific needs.


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Provide time and cost-effective targeted insight

Wave is a powerful tool for simple yet effective development ‘en masse’; large numbers of individuals can be assessed and developed across geographies in a short space of time. Webinars and User Guides can be tailored to allow individuals to get real value out of their data (we can work with you on this).


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Group analytics

Wave’s group analytic functionality provides smart, interactive technology to help you make sense of your big data, bring the big picture to life and impress stakeholders with powerful insight. No more trawling through spreadsheets; the data and insight is at your fingertips.


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Cross-cultural insight

Wave was developed and validated internationally from the start, and the tool remains relevant across cultures with both questionnaire and report outputs available in over 40 languages, making globally-consistent development easier than ever.


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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion focus

Not only has the tool been developed to be fair in use across gender, age and ethnicity, but its addition to any assessment process leads to improvements for key D,E&I agendas.


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Developing leaders; how do they impact?

Is your focus at the top end of your organization? The Leadership Impact suite of report outputs links leadership style to potential impact on organizational outcomes, to ensure leadership development is aligned to organizational objectives. The suite offers a lens through which to explore potential Leadership Risks posed by certain styles and the likely consequences of these for both the organization and the individual.


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Have your own behavioral model to develop your people against? Harness the power of Wave’s design by mapping to your own framework and creating a customized output that talks your language. Use Wave but make it your own. Wave’s foundations are built on behaviors that are proven to be the best predictors of both performance and potential. The questionnaire then uses data-driven algorithms to boost prediction for unparalleled levels of power.

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