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The Leadership Impact suite of reports and training goes beyond competencies and strengths, linking leadership behaviors directly to organizational outcomes. Leaders have a tough job, which is set to get tougher. Understanding where your leaders need to create positive organizational impact, is critical to success. Presenting a smarter approach to leadership assessment, Impact gives organizations a framework to:

  • understand and articulate the key business outcomes required from leaders
  • identify and select leaders most likely to deliver success for your organization
  • recognize individuals with the potential to deliver your organization’s future strategy
  • accelerate leadership performance with powerful performance development activity
  • profile the impact of executive teams and their group influence on your organization
  • pinpoint and mitigate the risk leaders can bring to your organization, culture and themselves

Transform how you Lead your talent. Find out how in this short video.


Lead Talent with Wave

Align leadership talent against your organizational requirements with our suite of Personality Questionnaires.

Measure Critical Ability

Identify individuals with the cognitive requirements for leadership roles.

Become an Impact Expert

Get accredited in the full suite of Leadership Impact reports and tools.

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"We have used the Leadership Impact Assessment at the final stage of our Executive Recruitment process and I love this tool!"

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