Leadership Impact

Identify, select and develop leaders who will have the required impact, in line with your organizational needs and culture.

Powered by our Wave® Professional Styles personality questionnaire, this suite of impact reports bridge the critical gap between leadership behaviors and organizational outcomes.

What is Leadership Impact?

Our 3P framework of leadership profiles an individual against the areas of Professional, People and Pioneering leadership.

This empowers organizations to align their leaders with their strategic requirements.

Leadership model of professional, people and pioneering

Professional Impact

Professional leaders are likely to be effective at leading in specialist contexts, focusing on reputation and providing technical knowledge.

Identify leaders with the potential to deliver professional impact across 3 key areas:

Service & Product Delivery

Maintaining productive delivery of goods and services; driving quality customer service; delivering appropriate solutions.

Managed Risk

Actively controlling risk; championing effective corporate governance; ensuring compliance with policies, procedures and legal requirements.

Expert Reputation

Building organizational expertise; promoting technical excellence; enhancing organizational reputation.

People Impact

People leaders are likely to be effective at managing a wide range of people across teams, functions and geographies.

Identify leaders with the potential to deliver people impact across 3 key areas:

Organizational Commitment

Creating a shared sense of purpose; enhancing employee motivation; building organizational morale.

Successful Teams

Building effective teams; attracting and developing talent; utilizing potential.


Delivering influential communication; building cross-functional/geographic communication; encouraging involvement and consultation.

Pioneering Impact

Pioneering leaders are likely to be effective at identifying new opportunities, driving change and achieving growth.

Identify leaders with the potential to deliver pioneering impact across 3 key areas:

New Products/Markets

Identifying market gaps or routes to market; cultivating innovation; generating impactful solutions.

Organizational Transformation

Delivering organizational transformation; building commitment to change; actively managing change processes.

Organizational Growth

Increasing stakeholder value; establishing challenging organizational goals; driving organizational success.

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The Leadership Impact Expert Report

This highly insightful report presents leadership potential against 9 key impact areas and 18 critical styles:

Leadership Impact Expert Report on an iPad
Leadership Impact Expert Selection Report on an iPad

Leadership Impact Expert Selection Report

This report is an essential tool for successfully appointing executive hires. It reduces the risks associated with high-stakes selection, increasing the odds of placing the right leaders in the right roles.

The report combines detailed insight of a leaders potential across 9 key impact areas with 9 interview questions focused on delivering impact. The interview guide interacts with the individual profile, providing dynamic interview probes.

It is a cost-effective, streamlined, one-stop solution for making key appointments.

Leadership Impact Analytics

Understand the combined effect of individual leadership styles to identify trends and patterns.

Leadership Impact analytics on a laptop
Screenshot of the Summary Leadership Styles Profile page of the report.

Leadership Impact Full Summary Report

The Leadership Impact Full Summary Report provides a full summary of a leader’s potential for impact along with information on their leadership style across the 3P model. The report will help individuals build self-awareness about their own leadership style and consider the types of situations within which they are likely to be an effective leader.

The report is accessible to individuals without an in-depth understanding of psychometric assessments and is designed for use when a one-to-one feedback may not be possible. 

These reports and analytics are generated from the Wave Professional Styles questionnaire (35-minute completion) and are available online via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Requires a Wave-accredited user to interpret and feedback data.
Find out more about this training here.

Leadership Impact is being used by leading organizations across multiple sectors – check out the client success stories below:

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Global Technology Firm

Auditing internal leadership pipelines and identifying future board members

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BNP Paribas

Developing leaders to harness success through change

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Technology & Service Provider

Developing leaders to deliver organizational transformation

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The toolkit includes 4 free reports, as well as an interactive Lead Talent Card Deck, to get you started.

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“We have used the Leadership Impact Assessment at the final stage of our Executive Recruitment process and I love this tool!”

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