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Developing Leaders to Harness Success through Change

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Following a recent merger, it was imperative that BNP Paribas Real Estate had leaders who were able to create positive impact and drive the business forward.

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The Challenge

As well as developing leaders individually, it was crucial that leaders could work collaboratively across different teams.

The Solution

BNP Paribas Real Estate partnered with Saville Assessment to adopt Wave assessments to support a new Leadership Development Program.

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It was important to understand leaders’ potential strengths and challenge areas on an individual and group level to inform development discussions.

The program consisted of three modules delivered over several months, at the beginning of which individuals completed the Wave® Professional Styles questionnaire.

Wave Expert Reports were used to deliver one-to-one feedback sessions helping individuals explore their own strengths and challenge areas.


Then the group were asked to reflect on their own Leadership Impact Report ahead of support and challenge sessions to discuss how they can contribute to wider business strategy.


Finally, Leadership Impact Group Overviews were used to facilitate group discussions.

Leadership Risk Reports were also used to prompt individuals to think about unintended risks associated with their leadership style.

Benefits To The Organization

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The Wave data was extremely useful for individuals to reflect on where they could develop and leverage strengths to be better leaders.

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Individuals were engaged in the sessions and were able to see the value of dynamic group reporting.

They were able to action plan and use the discussions to not only develop themselves but also encourage each other to grow.

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The administrators found the Oasys platform accessible, easily setting up assessments, generating reports and viewing the dynamic group overviews.

Saville Assessment delivered a support webinar for BNP Paribas Real Estate feedback providers.

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