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Hiring and developing the wrong salespeople is costly. Our sales effectiveness toolkit gives organizations a better understanding of a person’s selling style, what they will be good at doing, what they are likely to shy away from, and where they are likely to be successful.

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What is our Sales Effectiveness Toolkit?

Our sales effectiveness toolkit, powered by Wave®, is a combination of individual reports, digital team analytics and success profiles.

Underpinned by our extensively researched sales performance model, this suite of solutions provides highly-insightful personality data, enabling you to identify and develop the salespeople who will make a real impact in your organization.

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The Saville Assessment Sales Model

Put the best predictor of sales performance in your hands. Our sales model measures 8 key areas critical for successful performance and predicts in which areas sales people will be effective.

Solving Problems

Identifying Needs

Asks the customer questions to better understand their motivations and needs, and looks to improve things by analyzing and interpreting information.

Developing Strategies

Applies technical expertise and uses creative thinking to offer original ideas and solutions to customers.

Influencing People

Developing Leads

Puts customers at ease and builds strong customer relationships through networking and attracting attention.

Developing Solutions

Presents information eloquently, handles challenges confidently and uses persuasion to change customer views.

Adapting Approaches

Staying Positive

Copes well with change, handles pressure and remains positive when dealing with setbacks in the sales process.

Working Collaboratively

Supports others and works co-operatively to ensure group targets are achieved.

Delivering Results

Being Disciplined

Takes an organized approach to sales, ensuring standards are maintained for the organization and the customer.

Results Focused

Takes decisive action when identifying sales opportunities and ambitiously pursues sales targets to ensure they are achieved.


Five different Sales Reports can be generated from completing the Wave Professional Styles Personality Questionnaire.

Sales Expert Report

Dives deeper into an individual’s sales potential, providing in-depth insight across 8 key areas and presenting an individual’s effectiveness in different sales roles.

Illustrates the areas where individuals demonstrate greater/lesser potential and highlights where they might be good at something, but not enjoy it, and where they may enjoy something with potential for further development.

The report also identifies the environment most conducive to a salesperson being more likely to hit their targets.

Sales Expert Report on an iPad
Sales Interview Guide on an iPad

Sales Interview Guide

Generates a series of dynamic questions to verify and probe a candidate’s potential against their sales background, sales experience, sales focus and sales behaviors.

Straightforward and easy to use for hiring managers, it facilitates an objective and consistent approach for hiring sales people, focusing on the areas critical for success.

Sales Development Report

Drives superior sales performance, targeting key areas for development, highlighting potential overplayed strengths and providing practical development tips. Enhances self-awareness for personal development and reflection on sales performance.

Increases the chances of improving win-rates with targeted development tips and activity aligned to individual sales potential.

Example of Sales Development Report
Sales Line Manager Report on an iPad

Sales Line Manager Report

Simple-to-use report illustrating an individual’s sales potential, equipping managers to transform sales effectiveness in the people they hire, manager and develop.

Sales Environment Fit Report

Candidate report highlighting the workplace situations in which they are likely to thrive as a sales person.

Helps to accelerate the performance of successful candidates and provides useful feedback for unsuccessful candidates.

Sales Environment Fit report on an iPad

Sales Analytics

Go beyond the individual and get the complete picture of your sales team. Our interactive dashboards give you group-level data at your fingertips.

Understand the group dynamics of different sales people working together to drive better collaboration.

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Sales Success Profiles

For groups of 100 salespeople and more we offer a sales validation study, creating your own benchmark for sales performance to recruit and develop against.

Completing a sales validation study enables you to:

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“Using Wave to assess the development needs of our customer facing staff has been extremely valuable. It highlighted a need for our account teams to make sure our most important clients are aware of all the great innovations that are available to them across the business.

We will use this insight to focus on these areas with the aim of driving even higher customer satisfaction.”

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