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Recruitment is key for successful organizations. Hiring the right people is essential to build and reinforce great cultures, and a strong leadership team is vital for driving success. Our modern, well-researched, online suite of personality questionnaires, aptitude tests, behavioral screeners and situational judgment tests (SJTs) deliver the results that matter whilst providing an exceptional candidate experience. Clients trust us to support their talent selection because our assessments:

  • offer the highest validity for fair, defensible and confident decision making
  • deliver a smarter, immersive and robust approach to volume recruitment that delivers results
  • provide an unrivalled and unique level of insight for high-stakes recruitment
  • allow you to generate a comprehensive suite of score/report options that are appropriate for all job levels
  • hit all the measurement metrics required in a truly effective recruitment process
  • empower recruiters with a range of dynamic dashboard and merit listing options to support selection decisions

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Hire Talent with Wave

Increase the likelihood of making the right hire with the most powerful personality questionnaires for predicting workplace performance and potential on the market.

Engage Talent with Situational Judgment Tests

Give candidates the ‘wow’ factor by using tailored and powerfully-branded work-relevant scenarios that measure areas most likely to predict in-role performance.

Screen Talent with Aptitude Tests

Consistently proven as the most valid predictor of workplace performance, check out our flexible and comprehensive test range offering a smarter approach to testing.

Benchmark Talent with Strengths

Maximize applicant pools using our suite of behavioral screening questionnaires to identify potential, generate job-fit scores and stream applicants into the most suitable roles.

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“We have successfully balanced technology and innovation with a reliable and robust approach to assessment, giving us a stronger and more diverse talent pool.”

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