Job Profiler

This dynamic online Job Profiler gathers perspectives from across the organization to decide ‘what good looks like’ for a particular role, enabling you to hire individuals who perfectly match the required skills and behaviors.

The Questionnaire

This fast and effective multi-rater tool uses a 7-point scale ranging from ‘Not important’ to ‘Critical’ for users to assess the importance of ability and behavioral measures, across our Wave® Performance Model and how they relate to the role in question.

This ensures key stakeholder agreement around what the critical drivers of success are for the role, increasing the chances of identifying the right people.

job Profiler questionnaire on a laptop
Job Profiler report on an iPad

The Report

The report shows each stakeholder’s rating across the various measures. A summarized response is then shown for the total rater group allowing you to easily collate consensus and decide on the key role requirements.

Responses to two open-text questions conclude the report allowing for more detail and insight.

Benefits of Using Job Profiler:

Job Profiler questionnaire on a mobile
Job Profiler report on an iPad

Job Profiler can be used for:

Available online with just a 10-minute completion time via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Supporting User Guide provided.

“The instruments are extremely powerful and the speed and efficiency of the bureau team was very impressive.”

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How to Get Started

Our team will be happy to discuss how the Job Profiler can help you identify the key requirements for your roles and find your perfect match.

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