Match 6.5

The fastest way to match the right talent with the right role

An online behavioral assessment allowing you to make quick and effective decisions as to whether a candidate is likely to fit and thrive in your organization.

Supports accurate and fair selection decisions with a candidate-friendly average completion time of just 6.5 minutes.

Presents one simple role-fit score which can be used in conjunction with other assessments to make effective decisions about the suitability of your candidates.

Efficient for recruiters and engaging for candidates with a slick completion experience and insightful feedback report.

The Candidate Experience

Candidates complete a 6.5-minute self-report assessment where they respond to 36 items measuring their talents in critical work areas.

Quick and engaging to complete, using Wave's unique dynamic response format.

Responsive across most devices.

Provides rich developmental feedback regardless of whether a candidate is successful or not.

The Recruiter Experience

Match 6.5 is easy to administer either through our Oasys assessment platform or through your own application tracking system via an integration.

The recruiter receives a single score to support a selection decision (based on a candidate's potential across 12 key competencies from the Wave model).

A detailed candidate feedback report is provided which can be shared without the need for a feedback call.

Overcome your Recruitment Challenges with Match 6.5

Our research has shown the effectiveness of a hiring process needs to be considered against five areas.

Please select an area to find out some of the common challenges which Match 6.5 has helped our clients overcome.

Learn more about using the five areas in assessment

Martin Kavanah discussing the effectiveness of psychometric tests

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