Situational Judgment Tests

Realistic workplace scenarios, allowing you to efficiently assess candidates’ behavioral tendencies, suitability for the role, and accurately predict their performance within your organization.

Our Situational Judgment Tests draw upon our psychometric expertise and make use of the latest technologies to deliver outstanding results across all the key metrics. These highly-engaging volume screening solutions can also be fully tailored to showcase your brand.

Why Use Our Situational Judgment Tests?

  • Offer your candidates engaging workplace previews, boost your employer value proposition and measure the areas most likely to predict performance within your organization.
  • Auto-generate candidate reports for both successful and unsuccessful applicants, reinforcing your position as a responsible employer.
  • Built on our extensive psychometric expertise, our SJTs offer a highly-engaging assessment with excellent validity.
  • Validation studies show that our SJTs positively impact the caliber of the applicant pipeline, ensuring you are keeping the right people engaged.
  • Highly scalable for managing large volumes, freeing recruiters to focus on more labor-intensive parts of the process and get offers out quicker.
  • Available in a variety of formats to find a solution that matches your requirements and budget.

Learn more about Situational Judgment Tests in the video below.

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